Tips for Jobseekers

All applications for positions advertised by Beilby are now received online.

Here are some tips to help you to prepare your application and interview.

Content of Your Resume

  • An appropriate Industry sector and work location.
  • Your education or academic achievements.
  • Your previous employment or work history.
  • Suitable personal and work referees who would only be contacted if your application was shortlisted for a position and after you gave your on-line permission for it to be done.
  • Skills and knowledge areas are a very important addition to any CV.


Your interview at Beilby is an important event.

If you are selected for an interview with Beilby, it is vital that you appreciate the importance of the opportunity and give consideration to the following points.

  • It is your opportunity to make an initial favourable impression and gain the information you need to determine if you wish to proceed with your application.
  • It is also an opportunity for us to assess your suitability and to decide if you are to be short-listed for interview by our client.
  • Rather than simply "turn up" for an interview, we suggest you invest time and effort into preparing for it. This will increase the likelihood of you being short-listed.
  • Plan your travel and your parking options to be sure you arrive prior to the appointed time.

Here are some hints:

  • Before the interview do some research on your prospective employer. Source information about the company's history and development, its products and services, its future plans and human resource strategies. The Internet remains the best source of information but there are a number of publications that may provide this information e.g. The Business Who's Who of Australia, Jobson's Year Book of Public Companies, Company Annual Reports and brochures.
  • Arrive for your interview on time or a few minutes early. Do not be late (If you have car problems or another unforeseen circumstance delays your journey - phone your Beilby consultant and let him/her know what is happening).
  • Greet the interviewer by their first name, shake hands firmly and smile.
  • Dress appropriately for the interview.
  • Allow the interviewer to explain what they want to achieve from the interview and the format they would like it to take.
  • Be prepared to answer probing and relevant questions about your current or past work accountabilities, your key achievements and ambitions for the future. You will be asked to describe how you have behaved or would expect to behave in various situations. These questions will usually be asked to establish your preferred decision-making style and management or conflict resolution approach.
  • Aim to elaborate on your answers by providing relevant examples of your past achievements and successes.
  • Don't 'over-sell' yourself. There can be a fine line between showing your confidence and enthusiasm and being perceived as cocky or arrogant. Show respect towards your interviewer.
  • Don't be derogatory towards individuals or your past employers.
  • Never lie about anything.
  • Create opportunities during the interview to ask those questions you need to ask to satisfy yourself that this is the job for you.
  • Understand that the purpose of the initial interview is for both parties to establish the 'degree of fit' between applicant and position. Whilst you should be prepared to indicate your expectation for a salary package, the details of the remuneration on offer will probably not be finalised at this point in time.
  • Before you leave the interview, make sure your interviewer has a clear understanding of your 'frame of mind'. If you want the position say so. If you don't want it then say so. If you need time to think it over then say so and set a date by which time you will have made a decision.
  • Thank the interviewer for the opportunity.
  • After your interview with our client company, contact your Beilby Consultant and give them your feedback.
  • We will then be in contact with you to discuss the next step.
  • Be aware of your personal impact regarding hygiene, hair, nails and shoes.
  • The "Golden Rule" - you only get one chance to make a first impression.


How to enjoy the benefits of your Psychological Appraisal.

Beilby has established its leading reputation in the recruitment industry largely as a result of its proven candidate evaluation system. This process includes not only interviewing and reference checking but also ability and personality profiling.

It is a routine procedure for us to ask short-listed candidates to complete our range of specially designed questionnaires.


What is the purpose of the assessment?

The assessment you undertake will provide your Beilby Consultant and our client with an objective, independent appraisal of your reasoning abilities, occupational interests and personality. This information will be considered along with your work history, interview and references to allow an informed appreciation of your personal strengths and development potential. In short, the assessment will help us gain a more accurate understand of how you are likely to perform in the position for which you have applied.


What are reasoning and psychological tests?

They are professionally developed and validated measuring instruments. Our occupational tests and questionnaires have been specifically designed to measure the extent of your problem-solving abilities and your natural working style relative to other people. Unlike exams you may have taken at school or university there is no 'pass' or 'fail' to any of these tests. We will consider your personal profile in the context of a given position specification. You will neither be recruited nor rejected for a position on the basis of your test results alone. Instead, the information arising from your assessment and counselling discussion will contribute towards an overall evaluation of you as a person.


How can I prepare myself?

You cannot study for the assessment but here are some tips:

  • Have a good sleep the night before. It is to your advantage to be mentally alert.
  • Plan your travel so that you arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. You may wish to have a cup of tea or coffee before the assessment.
  • Allow yourself around two and a half hours for the assessment.
  • Take your reading glasses if you need them.
  • Be entirely honest in responding to the interest and personality questionnaires. We need to know what your are really like as this will assist us to place you in an appropriate position where you will be satisfied and effective.
  • Be aware that in the reasoning tests you will need to respond to a number of multiple choice questions within a specific time limit. It is therefore important in these tests that you manage your time in order to progress both quickly as well as accurately.
  • It is important to let your Beilby Consultant know if you are taking medication, which may affect your performance in the tests. Similarly, if you feel ill or are distracted during the assessment then let your Consultant know.


Will I receive feedback of my test results?

Yes. If requested Beilby will provide you with a typed report summarising your test results. There is no charge for this report. We hope it will assist you in your personal and career development.


Who else will have access to my test results?

Apart from your Beilby Consultant and our client contact, no one will have access to your test results without your specific permission. We retain your test results for a period of time in case you wish to make use of them.


Some key points to remember.

  • Clearly understand what is expected of you.
  • Seek feedback on your performances.
  • Regularly review your employment goals - seek further challenges.
  • Be aware of the culture of your new organisation - the office politics.
  • Constantly monitor promotional/transfer opportunities.
  • Continue to adapt and be responsive to change.


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